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Sindhi Hindi Vidya Samiti`s


( Formerly known as Sindhu Mahavidyalaya )

A Higher Education Premier Instistute With CGPA 2.62

Sindhi Hindi Vidya Samiti which comprises of a team of social workers committed.

Department of Physics

Department of Physics
The Department of Physics was established in 1971. Faculty of the department, Mr.P.D.Borkar, Head and Associate Professor, Mrs. A. R. Poddar, Assistant Professor, Mr. S. P. Dange, Assistant Professor and Dr. B. S. Anerao, Assistant Professor are well qualified with ample of experience in teaching, committed and dedicated for quality education in the subject. Two staff members of the department have submitted Ph.D. thesis to RTM Nagpur University, Nagpur and one staff member of the department have gone under FIP scheme to complete her research work for Ph.D. Three staff members of the department are involved in Minor Research Project funded by UGC.

The staff members of the department are involved in various activities of University such as    evaluation, moderation, subject experts etc. Apart from University work, faculties are involved in the research activities and published the research papers in various journals and also presented in international and national conferences.
The Ph.D. Work of the Faculties

Mr. P.D.Borkar    A Study of silver sulphate base binary system for SOx Sensor  application
    Submitted to RTM Nagpur University, Nagpur

Mrs. A.R.Poddar    Synthesis route of Halosulphate Phosphour and their application
    Ongoing in the Department of Physics, RTM Nagpur University, Nagpur

Mr. S.P.Dange    Nonlinear Ultrasonic propagation studies in biofluids    Submitted to RTM Nagpur University, Nagpur

Dr.B.S.Anerao    Investigation on electrical and magnetic properties of conducting          Polymer Nanooxide composites
    Awarded by RTM Nagpur University, Nagpur.
 Research Work of the Faculties, With Publications
    Name of the Faculty    Paper publication in journals

Mr. P.D.Borkar    1.    S.S. BHOGA,K.SINGH, J. RANDHAWA,P.D. BORKAR, Ag+ glass-Ag2SO4 Composite Solid electrolyte based SO2 galvanic  sensor,  Sensors and Actuators B,55, 70 (1999).

    2.    S.S. BHOGA, P.D.BORKAR and K.SINGH, An investigation of  Ag2SO4: MSO4 (M=Zn,Ni,Co,andCu) binary system from SO2 gas sensor view point, ,Ind  J. Pure  and appl. Phy.,73, 252 (1999).

    3.    S.S. BHOGA, P.D.BORKAR and K.SINGH, Developement of  Ag2O: SiO2(Ag2SO4) composite system for electrochemical SO2 Gas sensor: Application view point, Proceeding of national seminar: Materials preparation and characterization: Nanoparticles and Future trends, 91-94, Organized by Department of Physics, Sindhu Mahavidyalaya on 24th Feb-2013.

Mrs. A.R.Poddar    
1.    Anuradha Poddar, Dr.S.C.Gedam, Dr.S.J.Dhoble, “Study of crystal structure and PL properties of Na21Mg(SO4)10Cl3 Halophosphor”, Resent Research in science and Technology 2012,4(8): 52-54  ISSN 2076-5061.
    2.    Anuradha Poddar,Dr.S.C.Gedam,Dr.S.J.Dhoble, “Photoluminescence Characterization in K3Ca2(SO4)F : Cu Halophosphor “, BIONANO FRONTIER VOL.5(2-III) NOV.2012,:63-65,ISSN 0974-0678.
    3.    Anuradha Poddar,Dr.S.C.Gedam,Dr.S.J.Dhoble, “Photoluminescence Study of KMgSO4F: X (X = Cu+ or Dy3+ or Eu3+) halosulphate phosphor” Journal ofLuminescence143(2013)579–582

    4.    Anuradha Poddar,Dr.S.C.Gedam,Dr.S.J.Dhoble, “Ce3+ emission in K3Ca2(SO4)3F sulphate based phosphor “Bioinfo Publications Volume.XX, Issue XX, 2011, PP-XX-X.

Mr. S.P.Dange

1.    R. S. Shriwas, O. P. Chimankar, P. V. Tabhane, S.P. Dange ,Y. D. Tembhurkar,          “Effect of temperature on thermoacoustic properties of Olive Oil in alcohol mixture”, IOP Conference Series: Materials Science & Engineering 42,2012,012049.doi:10.1088/1757-899X/42/1/012049.

    2.    S.P. Dange,O. P. Chimankar, S. K. Bodele, “Molecular interaction studies in binary mixture of ascorbic acid with methanol using ultrasonic technique”,Proceedings, XIX National Symposium on Ultrasonic held at NPL, New Delhi during 30-31 Oct.2012 (Accepted for Indian journal of Pure and applied Ultrasonic)

    3.    S. P. Dange, O. P. Chimankar, S. T. Hiwarkar and S. K. Bodele, “Nonlinear Thermoacoustic investigation in binary mixture of thiamin hydrochloride with NaOH at 303K”, Journals of Chemical & Pharmaceutical Research, 5(2),2013,74-77  (ISSN No.-  0975-7384)

    4.    S. P. Dange, O. P. Chimankar, “Thermo acoustic Properties of Aqueous B complex Vitamin Pyridoxine Hydrochloride (B6)”, Indian Journal of applied research (Impact factor-0.8215), 3(7), 2013, 576-577 (ISSN No.-  2249-555X).

    5.    S.P.Dange,O.P.Chimankar,“Thermoacoustic analysis in binary mixture of Pyridoxine hydrochloride with water at 303K”, Physical Chemistry, an Indian journal, 8(4), 2013,136-139. (ISSN No.-0974 – 7524)
    6.    S. P. Dange, O. P. Chimankar, S.T.Hiwarkar, “Thermo acoustic investigations in the binary mixture of Riboflavin with water at 2880K”,  Proceedings of UGC sponsored National seminar on “Material Preparation & Characterization: Nanoparticle and Future Trend” Organized by Department of Physics, Sindhu Mahavidyalaya, Nagpur on 24th Feb.2013 (ISBN No.-978-93-82351-20-7)
    7.    S.P.Dange, O.P.Chimankar, “Ultrasonic analysis of intermolecular interaction in the binary mixture of Nicotinic acid with water”,  Proceedings of UGC sponsored National conference on “Synthesis & Applications of Novel Materials” Dept. of Physics VMV College, Nagpur on 5th Oct-2013.
    8.    S. P. Dange, O. P. Chimankar, “Acoustic Properties of Ternary Liquid Mixture Using Ultrasonic Interferometer Technique”, Global research journals (Impact factor-0.2714), 2(7), 2013, 167-168 (ISSN No. - 2277 – 8160).

  1.     B. I. Nandapure, S. B. Kondawar, M. Y. Salunkhe, A. I. Nandapure, “Nanostructure Cobalt oxide reinforced conductive and magnetic polyaniline nanocomposites”, Journal of composite materials” 47(5),559-567, 2013.
    2.     B. I. Nandapure, S. B. Kondawar, M. Y. Salunkhe, A. I. Nandapure, “Magnetic and transport properties of conducting polyaniline/nickel oxide nanocomposites”, Journal of Advanced Materials Letters” 2013.
    3.     B. I. Nandapure, S. B. Kondawar, M. Y. Salunkhe, A. I. Nandapure, “Magnetic properties of nanostructured cobalt and nickel oxide reinforced polyaniline composites” IC best (2), 9-14,2012, Proceeding of International journal of computer applications,.

With the growing experience teachers have introduced new innovative techniques of teaching, learning and evaluation to motivate the students to become compatible with the modern techniques.
The Departmental laboratory is well equipped with all the modern, sophisticated instruments. The department is having its own departmental library which contained more than 150 books on various topics are catalogued and are easily accessible to the students. The knowledge of physics is transformed by very effective methodology. Up-to-date class notes with question bank are circulated to the student’s right from the beginning of the session. Students are encouraged to appear in the unit test exam and to take part in extra-curricular activities.
Department has conducted various Extra Co-curricular activities throughout the year under Sir J. C. Bose Society to make the learning as a memorable life long experience by organizing Field studies, Educational tour, Students seminar, Science Exhibition and guest lecture of eminent scientists, Professors and experts working in reputed Institution.

Activities conducted by the department during the session 2012-13
Sr.No.    Activity    Date
1.    Educational trip to Raman Science Centre,Nagpur    4th Aug 2012
2.    “Participation in Lecture on Professional traning and developments: A key to success” at NEERI, Nagpur.    14th Aug 2012
3.    Participation of students in one day workshop on “Spacial theory of relativity”.    16th Aug 2012
4.    Field studies at metrological department and radar centre, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar international airport, Nagpur.    18th Oct. 2012
5.    Guest Lecture on “Career in Science” by Dr. Pathak ,Director, Raman Science Centre, Nagpur at Dada Bakhru auditorium.    23th Oct. 2012
  6.    Students participation in VUPTA’s seminar at Dharampeth M.P.Deo Memorial science college, Nagpur.    
19th  & 20 th Jan. 2013
7.    Visit to Door Darshan Centre transmission relay system.    6 th Feb. 2013
8.    Participation of students in “Science Exhibition” at Sindhu  Mahavidyalaya , Nagpur.    24 th Jan. 2013
9.    Participation of students in Direct teaching.    17 th Jan. 2013
10.    Guest lecture on “Maglave Train” by Dr. Prakash Durugkar, Department of physics, S.F.S. college Nagpur at Dada Bakhru auditorium.    8 th Feb. 2013
11.    Power point presentation of students    8 th Feb. 2013
The main objective of all above activities is to create interest in the students in the subject to gain knowledge for their benefit in future and support services to mankind. On 24th Feb. 2013, department has organized national conference on “Material preparation and characterization: Nanoparticles and future trends”.
The main aim of the conference is to review the current trends and developments in Physics and Nanoscience. The conference has provided an ideal platform for the young researchers to interact with the senior scientists and professors to exchange their views and ideas and also to make scientific collaboration possible.

Planning for the session 2013-2014                                                                                     
Curricular, Co-curricular activities and Extracurricular activities such as workshop, seminars, exhibition and visit to various research laboratory and centers involved in scientific activities are planned in order to provide an excellent opportunity to the students to know, interact, exchange ideas, gain knowledge and discuss new trends and challenges in the field of science and technology to develop confidence in expressing themselves to be a good citizen of India.













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