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Sindhi Hindi Vidya Samiti`s


( Formerly known as Sindhu Mahavidyalaya )

A Higher Education Premier Instistute With CGPA 2.62

Sindhi Hindi Vidya Samiti which comprises of a team of social workers committed.

Department of Chemistry

Chemistry department was founded in the year 1971. Over the years many staff members with good academic achievement joined this department and with the continuous encouragement of the Head of the Department and Principals the professional growth of staff members was made possible. Today the department has 90% of the staff members with PhD. Degree having research experience in various fields. The PhD. Work of the staff members has been done on various topics as follows:

    Effect of metal oxides on oxidative thermal degradation of polymers.    
    Synthesis of anticancer Agents: Pyrimidines, Isoxazoles and related Oxygen – Nitrogen Hetrecyclics.
    Effect of perovskites and related compounds.
    Spectrophotometric investigation of the certain chromogenic reagent in the presence of some surface agents.
    Kinetics of dehydrogenation of cyclohexanol in fixed bed of catalysts.     
    Photooxidative degradation studies of Benzoic acid and derivatives in aqueous solution by UV/O3, UV/ H2O2 and photofenton processes.

The staff members of this department are involved in various activities of University such as senate member, chairperson in academic council, paper setting, syllabus framing, evaluation, moderation and subject experts for various purposes. The staff members have published many research papers in various journals and also presented their research work in international and national conferences. Also some staff members have published books for undergraduate level on various topics. All the staff members are life members of various associations. One of the staff members has got one minor research project on the topic “Comparative study of UV and solar assisted photo-fenton processes in treatment of wastewater containing refractory organics” and few staff members are consultants to various industries. One of the staff members is associated with IGNOU and YCMOU as an academic counselor. Staff members are also working as guest faculty in other institutions. With the growing experience teachers have introduced new innovative techniques of teaching, learning and evaluation and help the students to become compatible with the modern techniques. Over last three years department is conducting a bridge course for the students of BSc(I) with low academic achievements in 12th standard to improve their basic knowledge about the subject.

 Department is conducting remedial classes for poor and backward students to help them to improve their academic achievements. Senior staff members of the department have successfully conducted and organized these classes over the years. All the staff members have humanitarian approach and they are ready to help poor students by providing facilities of books, notes and give incentives to the toppers of the subject.

The staff members have passion for teaching and are very much concerned about the all round development of students and to make a platform available to the students the department founded chemical society in the year 2011. Throughout the year students are involved in various activities like model making, power point presentation preparation, posters and chart making, essay writing, quiz and seminar competitions. Through these activities student develop interest and knowledge about the subject and develop confidence in expressing themselves.

The students at undergraduate level are in the adolescence age. This age is supposed to be the age of stress and confusion. Staff members do counseling and guide them regarding physical and mental health. Staff members are also associated with social organizations like Masonic lodge, Adhar (NGO), Arya samaj etc.

The department in its future plans has a proposal sent to UGC for a certificate course in water and soil analysis. The university approved supervisors are working hard for the enhancement of research activities in the department.

Student’s growth is our prime concern and pleasure.













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