The heavy rainfall of August 13, 2015 had brought the life to standstill in Nagpur City. At the same time, the localities in the low lying areas near Nag river and Pili river were badly affected. The water from these rivers gushed into the low lying localities and the hutments were totally submerged.

National Service Scheme volunteers of Sindhu Mahavidyalaya namely Ku. Shamli Sahu,    Ku. Renuka Sahu, Ku. Madhuri Rana, Ku. Bushra Ansari, Mr. Sahil Nandeshwar and Mr. Kamlesh Bagde alongwith National Service Scheme Coordinator decided to visit the nearby locality of Pili river on 14th August 2015. When the team visited the spot in the morning, found that the roads are still submerged in ankle deep water, the homes were inundated more than six feets and people were totally shattered. They were busy in cleaning their homes and households which were filled with mud, fillts and sludge.Looking to the grim situation the volunteers decided to serve these people with food (Pulao).

NSS 13aug.jpg

These volunteers then immediately rushed to college and consulted the Principal Sir. He granted them permission for collecting funds and also donated Rs. 500/-. The volunteer went to every class room asking for funds to the students and staff. Their call was well received and supported by all. They collected around Rs. 8396/-.

The volunteers, then bought 150 kg of rice and other related items. They cooked food (Pulao) and distributed to around 1000 persons. They were supported by Mr. Jatin Gupta, Mr. Sunny Vishwakarma, Mr. Rudra Dhakde, Ku. Shrawani Patnaik, Mr. Sharad Namdev, Ku. Riya Uikey, Ku. Pooja Nandagawli, Mr. Anil Mahajan, Mr. Pawan Mahore, Mr. Rajesh Dhakate, Mr. Sameer Lad, Mr. Tushar Bulani,         Mr. Pratik Sahare, Mr. Gopi Morghade, Mr. Vaibhav Shivankar, Mr. Nihal Dongre, Mr. Bhushan Waghmare, Mr. Aadesh Verma and Mr. Kishan Tiwari by following volunteers.