Nuclear Power Generation - Need of India

     Shri Sunil  Patil ,Scientific officer from  National Power corporation India Ltd. inspired students of DRB Sindhu Mahavidyalaya, Nagpur, talking on ‘Science & technology of Nuclear Energy’ in his invited guest lecture on Aug 25,2015.

      He said, “Power generation by Nuclear energy is the best solution to the power scarcity” He had provided the extensive information on present and upcoming nuclear power plants in India. He compared the power generation from nuclear source with different sources of energy like coal, oil, hydro, wind and solar.  He further explained safety features of nuclear power plants and waste management of nuclear radiation. He concluded his talk by explaining the importance of nuclear power plants.

   Large number of students interacted to him and quenched their thirst of knowledge.

      Dr. K. J. Cherian, Principal DRB Sindhu Mahavidyalaya, Nagpur motivated students to work further in this field. He addressed students as the future hands in developing Nation. 

      The program was compared by Dr. Walke.  Dr. Vishwajit Pendsey, Mrs.Poddar, Dr. Patki, Dr. Anerao and Mr. Sandeep Pamnani worked for the success of the program.