Department of Mathematics
Mathematics Department of Sindhu Mahavidyalaya, Nagpur was established in the year 1971. Renowned faculties like Dr. V. Tulsani, Dr. S. Bhave, Late DR. P.P. Rao and many others, served this Department. Presently this department is headed by Mr. A. A. Qureshi. The faculty members are actively involved in University activities like Paper Setting, Syllabus Framing, Evaluation, Moderation, Subject experts in selection committee etc. Along with teaching, faculty members are also actively involved in research activities like Publishing Research Papers in the Journals of National and International repute, attending National and International conferences, organized By various agencies in India, and presenting Research Papers in conferences. DR. V. Tulsani, DR. S.Bhave have published books at the Undergraduate level individually as sole authors. Mr. A. A. Qureshi is also co-author of the book on “Algebra and Trigonometry” for B.Sc part I.
Maths Department has organized UGC sponsored National Seminars and Conferences in the year 2003, 2007 and in 2012. This has become possible by the blessings of late Shree Dada Bakhru, continuous encouragement and support by the visionary Management Sindhi Hindi Vidya Samiti and Principals of the college from time to time. In Feb. 2003, National Conference On MATHEMATICS: KEY TO FUTURE DEVELOPMENT IN SCIENCE was organized in collaboration with Nagpur University Mathematics Teachers’ Association ( NUMTA ), which was successfully organized under the able leadership of the then Principal Shree P. S. Khilnani. Again under his guidance in 2007, a National Conference on Mathematics and Physics was organized successfully in collaboration with Regional Remote Sensing Service Centre ISRO, Dept. of space, Amravati Road, Nagpur. Late DR. P.P. Rao was the convener. DR. B.B.S.P. Nag, Former Principal of the college guided for the successful organization of UGC sponsored two day National Seminar on Mathematical Sciences in Jan 2012. Mr. A. A. Qureshi was the convener.
Minor Research Project in mathematics entitled “Study of plane symmetric space-time in biometric relativity” was granted by UGC to Mr. Qureshi in 2013.
Teachers have passion for teaching the subject. Department provides remedial coaching to the slow learners and to the underprivileged group of students to improve their academic performance. Students are motivated and prepared to participate in various intercollegiate competitions. Ku. Khushboo Kukreja of B. Sc. part II in 2010-11, brought laurels to the institution by winning the intercollegiate seminar competition at Hislop college, Nagpur as  runner up. For building confidence of the students, Department has organized a workshop on “ Smart Method to Remove Exam Phobia” conducted by Prof. Rishi Agrawal, HOD, Mathematics Department, Hislop college, Nagpur.       Our asset is the confident smiling faces of the students.
Presently and in future the department is seeking guidance and directions for progress from Principal Dr K. J Cherian.